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Payroll processing, hiring and onboarding, time and attendance, HR and compliance, and more.

What we offer

Payroll Processing

Smart, simple payroll you can love. This is everything most employers need. Enter and approve your payroll from any computer, tablet, or smartphone – fast, easy, and convenient.

Automated Tax Payments & Filings

We automatically pay and file your Federal and State taxes for you. You’ll never have to worry about payroll taxes and you can focus on what matters most – running your business.

Employee Self-Service

Providing your employees with instant access to pay records, benefits information, and important HR documents makes them happier and more engaged. Happier employees are more productive, loyal, and easier to retain.

Deductions and Reimbursements

We calculate and track pre-tax or after-tax deductions for Medical Insurance, Supplemental Insurance, 401(k) Retirement Plans or other any other benefits you offer your employees. Reimburse employees for expenses directly into their paycheck.

smart simple payroll
hiring and onboarding
What we offer

Hiring & Onboarding

Hiring and onboarding solutions to manage the entire hiring process including posting jobs, applicant tracking, interviewing, and onboarding. Employees electronically fill, sign, and save forms online with self-service onboarding and secure document storage.

Employee Onboarding

Make onboarding new employees into payroll a breeze. Let new hires navigate the process using self-service enrollment. All the required forms and documents are online for the new hire to complete.

Electronic Form Fill, Sign, and Save

Include an I-9, W-4, employee handbook, or any custom document in the onboarding process. New employees fill out the documents online, sign them electronically, and everything is saved to their profile for easy access.

Job and Applicant Tracking

Job and applicant tracking reduces time to hire and find new talent. Manage your entire hiring process from posting jobs, to organizing and sorting applicants, to interviewing and onboarding.

What we offer

Time & Attendance

Eliminate errors and the hassle of tracking and entering employee hours into payroll. Track PTO/Vacation time with integrated time-off requests. Scheduling and more with full workforce management solutions.

Online Timekeeping

Eliminate errors and the hassle of tracking employee hours. Employees clock in and out online and their hours flow into payroll for approval.

PTO/Vacation Time Tracking

Calculate accrual of PTO/vacation time with each payroll. Employees can view time earned, used, and remaining from their own employee account.

Time-Off Requests

Employees make time-off requests from their own employee account. Employers can approve/decline requests and view upcoming time-off already approved for all employees.

time and attendance
hr and compliance
What we offer

HR & Compliance

Get on-demand advice from certified HR and legal experts. Anytime access to tools, resources, and information you can actually understand. Protect your business against termination, harassment, and discrimination claims.

Certified HR and Legal Experts

Stop scouring the internet for answers to your HR and compliance questions—our team of certified experts offers personalized support to set you up for success.

HR Compliance Library

Take the guesswork out of HR and compliance. Anytime access to tools, resources, and information you can actually understand.

Smart Employee Handbook

An employee handbook provides clear guidance on company policies and expected behavior in the workplace. Protect your business against termination, harassment, and discrimination claims.

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Payroll and automated tax services don’t need to be expensive to be great! We want to make it easy to choose the right features and plan for your business.

Customer Reviews

What they say about us.

Our customers choose us because we offer the same automated payroll and tax services as the “big” guys, with an online system that’s easy to use, and for a fraction of the price.

"Easy to work with, cost-effective, and amazing customer service. Thank you!"

James B.

"We were looking for a company that would provide great service for a small company without charging a fortune. We are very happy."

Kerry F.

"Hey, if you're in business and paying your employees through personal PayPal transactions, stop it! Get legal. These guys make payroll simple."

Laura W.

"Call and inquiries are responded to quickly and expeditiously...I hope to continue growing my business model and feel confident that I have partnered with a professional organization that has the big company technology with the small business personal service that we require."

Nick R.

"Very good service, takes all the guess work out of payroll. One stop shop with very helpful staff, making sure I understood every step of the process."

Chris A.

"I really like that I get to talk with the owners and they are always able to answer my questions. Very good company, great value, highly recommend."

Steve M.

"Very easy to use. They are great at answering all your questions and get back to you in a very timely fashion."

Adam S.

"Always quick to respond, professional, and makes taxes and filings easy!"

Joe S.
Frequently asked questions

What questions do you have?

Review answers to our most commonly asked questions or contact us for more details.

Once we have your account setup, you will have a username and password to the system. You simply login, enter the hours or wages that need to be paid to employees, preview the results, and approve. That’s all we need from you. Your employees will be paid by direct deposit or employer-printed checks. We will withdraw the taxes from your business account and make the deposits to the IRS and to your State automatically. We also file your IRS and State payroll tax returns automatically too.

No. Your account is always setup by a payroll expert and we never charge a setup fee.

No, it's not a contract, it's a sales agreement. It is for one-year and renews automatically. There are also some IRS and bank documents to sign. Legally, we need these for authorization to perform payroll and tax services. Most importantly, you can cancel at any time, with no fee or penalty to cancel.

Yes, we automatically file your IRS and State payroll tax returns and we also automatically make those tax deposits for you too.

Yes. With each payroll you run, we will withdraw all the taxes from your business account and make the deposits to the IRS and to the State automatically.