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Find partner programs offering employer services for background screening, I-9/e-Verify, drug screening and more. Offer payroll paycards to employees without Direct Deposit bank accounts to reduce the time and hassle of writing or printing checks.

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national crime search

National Crime Search

Employers who conduct background screening greatly reduce the risk of employee theft, fraud and embezzlement. Background screening may reveal past criminal behavior and save your company thousands of dollars by helping you prevent a bad hire.


Skylight Payment Cards

Stop writing and printing checks for employees without Direct Deposit bank accounts. Offer employees VISA branded payment cards that provide access to their funds at millions of ATM and retail locations, even online and over the phone.

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Once we have your account setup, you will have a username and password to the system. You simply login, enter the hours or wages that need to be paid to employees, preview the results, and approve. That’s all we need from you. Your employees will be paid by direct deposit or employer-printed checks. We will withdraw the taxes from your business account and make the deposits to the IRS and to your State automatically. We also file your IRS and State payroll tax returns automatically too.

No. Your account is always setup by a payroll expert and we never charge a setup fee.

No, it's not a contract, it's a sales agreement. It is for one-year and renews automatically. There are also some IRS and bank documents to sign. Legally, we need these for authorization to perform payroll and tax services. Most importantly, you can cancel at any time, with no fee or penalty to cancel.

Yes, we automatically file your IRS and State payroll tax returns and we also automatically make those tax deposits for you too.

Yes. With each payroll you run, we will withdraw all the taxes from your business account and make the deposits to the IRS and to the State automatically.